DARC RR 2.2 Winners

Darc Robot Rebellion 2.2 Winners

Brackets for reference:
You can see your placement for the event.

Beetle Winners

First Place – Barbara  McMahon – MomBot
Second Place – Richard Blom – Apparatus
Third Place – Brian Bray – Just Another Victim

Ant Winners

First Place – Ian McMahon – Physique Black
Second Place – Chris – Blue Screen Of Death
Third Place – Jon – Tueby Or Not Tubey

UK Ant Winners

First Place – Logan Davis – Time Of Death
Second Place – Ian McMahon – Nevermore
Third Place – Lemon Wedge
All Out Beetle Rumble Winner –
RR 2.2 Special Appreciation Award – Haley
RR 2.2 Special Appreciation Award – Trey