DARC RR 1.2 Winners

Our second Dallas Area Robot Combat competition was another smashing success!

Robot Rebellion 1.2 was even more exciting than the first event with Big Hits from the bots and Big Hits to the arena glass in front of the judges!

A big thanks to our sponsors at EndGame Robotics and FingerTech Robotics for providing the fine prizes and to Banana RC Raceway for hosting our event!

Here are our trophy-winners in each weight class:

Our 3lb class winners!
1st: Apparatus – Richard Blom
1st- $100.00 Rev Robotics Gift Certificate








2nd: Meili – Karl Ehiers
2nd-$ Endgame Robotics DESC








3rd: RaidZero – Logan Davis
3rd- $10.00 FigerTech  Gift Certificate & Endgame Robotics power switch & $10.00 Endgame Robotics Gift certificate








Our 1lb class winners!

1st: Physique Black – Ian McMahon
1st- $50.00 Rev Robotics Gift Certificate








2nd: Chooch – Logan Davis
2nd- Endgame Robotics DESC








3rd: Richard Blom – Twilite
3rd- $20.00 FingerTech Gift Certificate








Our 150g class winners!

1st: Blue Bell – Glen McMahon
1st- $20.00 FingerTech Gift Certificate & Endgame Robotics Power Switch








2nd: TeleFrag – Andre Bardin
2nd- Endgame Robotics power switch & $10.00 Endgame Gift certificate








3rd: DrummondPhlox – Ian McMahon
3rd- $10.00 Endgame Robotics Gift Certificate