There are many online resources to help you build your combat robot.
Here are just a couple.


RaidZero is a 3lb Combat Robot with a 1lb spinning vertical single tooth blade, four wheel drive, and invertible design.

Tools used were home shop equipment available at Sears, Harbor Freight, Northern Tool and Amazon.. Drill Press, Band Saw, Scroll Saw, Bench Top Sander.

It all begins when you make a plan or design, make sketches or drawings, find out parts specifications including weight and then when you think your close make a drawing that includes all of your dimensions for each part and start your build.

Start off by cutting a 2mm Carbon Fiber “Base Plate” using a small scroll saw and mount 4 FingerTech “Bearing Blocks” using the supplied screws into the holes you drill using a small drill press. Total weight is 101 grams as shown..

The 2 center “Ribs are cut from 3/8” UHMW using a small scroll saw and drill press. We not only use drill bits but also make larger holes using Forstner bits available at Harbor freight.

It’s better to cut just outside of your line and come back and sand to the line using a small table top belt sander. UHMW is tough to sand, but easy to cut, drill, and tap.

These are the 2 center ribs cleaned up and ready to drill and tap using a 6-32 Tap and matching drill bit that was included in the package. The 2 ribs total 100 grams as shown.

This is the weapon motor mount, it looks simple sure, it turned out to be one of the hardest parts to make or should I say re-make. It took 3 attempts to get what you see above. Take how long you think the task requires and double it, sometimes even tipple it. Only 15 grams as shown.

Here you see the weapon motor fitted into the center rib and motor mount  The weapon motor came out of our Stryker airplane and weighs only 79 grams. Total as shown is 138 grams.

Here you see the ribs have been mounted to the base plate and the weapon is installed including the drive belt to the weapon motor. You just cut the belt material to size and melt the ends and stick together forming an unbreakable bond. A big thanks to our friend Alex H. for making the Single Tooth weapon blade for us including the pulleys. At a one to two ratio a 12k rpm motor should spin up that one pound weapon to about 6k rpm fast.  Weight as shown is (705 grams).

The drive motors, wheels, hubs, and tires have been installed, the four drive esc’s and the weapon esc are shown here ready to be refined into less of a wiring mess. The power switch is ready to be mounted to the center rib and the xt60 plug to the battery has been added. The weight as shown is 546 grams.

The UHMW sides have been cut, drilled, and taped along with the UHMW fingers and .040 titanium wedge. You will also see a larger weapon motor and all of the electronics added and fit into place. 1187g or 2lbs 7ox including battery.

Safety Inspected and ready to fight at DARC Robot Rebellion 1.3 Sept, 17th 2017