DARC RR 1.0 Winners

The first ever Dallas Area Robot Combat competition was a smashing success!

Many robots, both established competitors and freshly built machines, competed at Robot Rebellion 1.0 in the 3 weight classes we held, but only 1 robot could take home the title of ‘Champion’ in each.

A big thanks to our sponsors at EndGame Robotics for providing the fine prizes and to Banana RC Raceway for hosting our very first event!

Here are our trophy-winners in each weight class:

Our 3lb class winners!
1st: Hailstone – Mark Elam








2nd: Speed Wedge 3 – Ian McMahon








3rd: Project Darkness – Ian McMahon








Our 1lb class winners!

1st: Physique Black – Ian McMahon








2nd: T-Ant-T – Angela Blom








3rd: Eclair and Bonbon – Ian Miller








Our 150g class winners!

1st: Blue Bell – Glen McMahon








2nd: Wedgey – Richard Blom








Speed Wedge UK – Ian McMahon